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About us

EDISON Group, one of the fastest growing conglomerate in Bangladesh, founded with the aim of enhancing all aspects of life for the customers with powerful brands, reliable products and services. The group has diversified its portfolio by investing in Technology, Communication, Power, Building solutions, Real estate, Electronics, Value added service and Footwear sectors in Bangladesh.

EDISON Footwear Limited is the first manufacturing business of EDISON Group. It started its journey in 2015. EDISON Footwear has a fully compliant factory with capacity of average 6,000 pairs per day. Its ultimate goal is customers’ satisfaction by providing them quality products and ensuring on-time deliveries. EDISON Footwear is flexible enough to produce a wide variety of products in leather and synthetic which includes shoes and boots for both men and women. A group of Italian and local experts are handling entire operation. Italian designers are taking care of sample developments and new collection development.

Edison- Footwear